One of the hardest challenges is adapting to a new routine. With your body not producing enough insulin and you having to help with the process, it’s no surprise that it’s a big adjustment for not just your body, but your lifestyle as well. There will be up’s… and there will be down’s and in the end, all you can do is your very best.


It’s important to always be aware of what’s going on with your body and there is nothing more empowering than the feeling of knowing you’re not letting a disease take control of your life, but rather you control IT.


The best way (we think) to take control of your diabetes involves these 5 steps:


LISTEN to Your Body


It may be difficult but we believe it is so important to not only listen to your mind but also listen to your body. Your body and mind work together. Just like your mind if your body is stressed, anxious or fatigued then it affects your health in more ways than you think. For instance hypo and hyper awareness is reduced and BGLs begin to ride their own roller coaster. Your body then begins to fall into this cycle that is hard to break. So aim to be conscious of what your body needs.

EAT (anything you like) But in Moderation


We believe that you should not deprive yourself of foods that you might enjoy. A healthy diet is important but that chocolate cake isn’t going to have an effect on you as much as if you withdraw from it and then binge eat. 

LEARN and Educate Yourself and Those Closest to You


We can get angry and frustrated with the comments and questions we get asked but let’s just use the opportunity to educate someone else. We strongly believe that education is power. Most people are really naïve when it comes to type 1 diabetes and they will never go and ‘Google’ it so who better to teach them then yourself. We see Type 1 as the silent illness so we need to be the ones that give it a voice!

EXERCISE and Manage Your Weight


Where you have diabetes or not exercise is vital for health and well-being. Not only does physical activity improve your mood, sleep, maintain weight and reduce stress it can also help you manage your BGLs. Monitoring your blood glucose before, during and after exercise can give you an understanding how your body responds to exercisem which is very important. This again links to us the step about listening to our bodies.

POSITIVE Attitude is Everything

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